Bioimaging & Morphomics
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Head of UIC:Advanced Imaging - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

What am I up to next? 
- Getting ready for the 2017 NEUBIAS course on Bioimage Analysis (Sweden)
- finishing new version of OPenT, now with improved (simpler) acquisition plugin and pre-processing of images. 

Latest courses & communications:
- Participation @FOM2017, Bordeaux
- Participation at Pollen Network- Imaging Workshop, Univ Maryland 5-10 April 2017 (1st time OPenT traveled across the Atlantic!).
Bioimaging course at FCUL  (Feb 2017) - OPenT travelled to FCUL!
- Local organizer of 2017 NEUBIAS Bioimage Anlaysis symposium and training schools in Oeiras-Lisbon...
- SPAOM2016 meeting in Bilbao 2016. microWorkshop on DIY light-sheet and OPenT.
- Webinar for Bitplane's "When Size Matters" series, showing OPenT and Haeckaliens is available here.

Online profiles: Google ScholarReseacherID (A-1538-2012), LinkedIn, facebook;
...but I'm not very active on social NOTworking ;)