Short Bio

I was born in Bragança (Portugal) in 1971 and grew up in Cascais where I live with my mate and a clutch of the four most beautiful embryos I've ever produced (Dé, Dany, JP & Bá). Growing up, my summers were often spent in Bragança in close contact with nature, which probably contributed to my interest in biology. In 1994, I graduated from the University of Lisbon, Sciences Faculty with a degree in Biology, followed by post-graduation in Developmental Biology at the Lusofona University/SUNY Buffalo, when I studied sea urchin gastrulation. Later I obtained a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology at the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the State University of New York, at Buffalo NY - USA in 2004 where I studied the mechanisms of cell migration in 3D. As an undergraduate student  I also worked as a high-school teacher of Biology and Informatics, and then during my PhD I worked part-time as an assistant at the Confocal Microscopy Lab of SMBS/SUNY-Buffalo. After the PhD, I returned to Portugal and was invited to teach a Developmental Biology course at the Instituto Piaget - Almada. I then started a Pos-doc position at the University of Lisbon, where I studied the mechanisms of somitogenesis. During this time, I was also invited to serve as an imaging specialist at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia and the Cell Imaging Unit  in Oeiras. In 2008 I was hired as an auxiliary researcher by the Centre for Environmental Biology (CBA) - Sciences Faculty UL (FCUL) where I currently hold a 5 year position; during 2009-2010 I also served as a member of CBA’s executive committee. I have authored articles and book chapters on developmental and cell biology and microscopy imaging, and currently run a Master’s level course on Bioimaging at the FCUL, participate and organize several national and international advanced courses on microscopy, and co-direct the Microscopy Facility of FCUL.

My personal interests include music, photography, home-improvement, mechanics and spending time with our brood.