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Past collaborations...(seriously outdated!)

 Angela Inácio, MJ Collares-Pereira and M. Coelho - CBA/FCUL
Effects of polyploidy in early development and epigenetic mechanisms in S. alburnoides, and analysis of sex determination and gonad development in this species complex.
- Joana F. Mateus, Maria Manuela Coelho, Maria João Collares-Pereira, Gabriel Martins, Ângela Inácio (2012). The effect of the ploidy level on two cellular phenotypes: the nucleo - cytoplasmic ratio and heterochromatin patterns. XXXVI Jornadas Portuguesas de Genética. Arquivos Portugueses das Ciências Biológicas. Tomo XXXII

Carla Real - CQB/FCUL
 Imaging of tumor induced angiogenesis in a zebrafish model
John Kolega 
(SUNY Buffalo - USA)
Cell  motility and regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics
- Martins GG, Kolega J (2006) Endothelial cell protrusion and migration in three-dimensional collagen matrices. Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 63(2):101-15
- Martins GG & Kolega J (2012). A role for microtubules in endothelial cell protrusion in 3D matrices. Biology of the Cell. DOI: 10.1111/boc.201100088.


 Jorge Silva, Célia Henriques & José Luis Ferreira (FCT-UNL) & Gabriel Rodrigues (FCUL)
 - Electrospun scaffolds as matrices  for tissue engineering
- Gomes SR, Rodrigues G, Martins GG, Henriques MC, Silva JC (2012). In vitro evaluation of crosslinked electrospun fish gelatin scaffolds. Materials Science and Engineering C. In press.
 Leonor Saúde -(IMM/FMUL)
Imaging cell dynamics and role of N-Cad in left-right assymetry in the chick embryo
- 1 manuscript under review

Manuel Francisco Pereira & Maurício (IST)
microCT scanning and reconstruction of biological samples

  Marco Campinho (UAlg)
Mapping of gene networks in asymmetric head development during flatfish metamorphosis

Nuno Moreno & Emilio Gualda - IGC

Open Source Microscopy Development

- 1 correspondence in Nature Methods (Gualda et al 2013)
- poster: Emilio J. Gualda, T. Vale, P. Almada, J.  Feijó, G.G. Martins, N. Moreno. Open Spin Microscopy: a new Micro-Manager plugin for SPIM, DSLM and OPT acquisition. Focus on Microscopy Meeting, Maastricht March 24 - March 27, 2013.


Romana Santos (FMDUL) & Gonçalo Costa (CQB-FCUL)
Searching for functional amyloids in sea urchin adhesive secretions

Rob Bryson-Richardson
(Monash University - Australia)

3D Developmental Anatomy of the Quail Coturnix coturnix

- "Quail Anatomy Portal"
- 1 manuscript (in review)
Rui Castanhinha & Ricardo Araújo - Projeto PalNiassa

- 1 manuscript accepted in PloONE
Castanhinha R, Araújo R, Júnior LC, Angielczyk K, Martins R & Martins GG 2012. A new Late Permian Dicynodont (Therapsida: Anomodontia) from Northern Mozambique. 72nd Annual SVP meeting, 19  October 2012 Raleigh NC - USA.
- Castanhinha R, Araújo R, Júnior LC, Angielczyk K, Martins R & Martins GG. “A new early synapsid (dicynodontia) from the Permian of Mozambique”. Encontro Nacional de Biologia Evolutiva, Instituto Gulbenkian de Cência - Oeiras, December 2012.
Sólveig Thorsteinsdóttir & Gabriela Rodrigues (CBA/FCUL)  Myogenesis and extracellular matrix in mouse embryos (in vivo) and tissue-cell cultures (in vitro). 

-Deries M., Gonçalves AB, Vaz R, Martins G.G., Rodrigues G. & Thorsteinsdóttir S (2012). Extracellular matrix remodelling accompanies axial muscle development and morphogenesis in the mouse. Develop Dyn 241:350–364. 
- Vaz R, Martins GG, Thorsteinsdóttir S & Rodrigues G (2012). Fibronectin promotes migration, alignment and fusion in an in vitro myoblast cell model. Cell and Tissue Research. DOI: 10.1007/s00441-012-1364-1.
Bajanca F, Luz M, Raymond K, Martins GG, Sonnenberg A, Tajbakhsh S, Buckingham M, Thorsteinsdottir S. (2006) Integrin alpha6beta1-laminin interactions regulate early myotome formation in the mouse embryo. Development. 133(9):1635-44.
Paulo Fonseca, José Lino & Pedro Félix - FCUL

Characterization of development of the lusitanian toadfish.