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  Alumni I've had the privilige to work with

  • Catarina Santos (FCUL, ongoing). PhD co-advisor.
  • Catarina Bota (CEDOC/IGC - co-adviser) MsS practicum
  • Maria Rita Pegado (IGC, ongoing); PhD practicum
  • José Irio e Catarina Galego (FCUL/IGC), MsC practicum
  • Ana Couto (FCUL, Lab Marítimo da Guia; co-advisor with Rui Rosa). Practicum
  • Ânia Gonçalves (IGC). IEFP practicum
  • Ricardo Araújo (IGC); practicum
  • Nelson Nhamutole (IGC & Mozambique). MsS practicum.
  • Pedro Almada (FCUL). MsS practicum. 
Raquel Jacinto 
Ana Raquel Jacinto (FCUL, masters student).
Thesis: The role of N-cadherin in chick somitogenesis.2011

Interested in understanding how impairing an adhesion molecule affects the overall state of the cells (cell shape, movement and interaction with others) during an important developmental process (somitogenesis).

Joana Mateus (FCUL, masters student) 
Thesis: Effect of polyploidy in development & epigenetics in Squalius alburnoides complex. 2011

Tomás Azevedo (FCUL, masters student); currently at the U.Alg.
ThesisDynamics of embryo axis elongation in amniotes vs. anamniotes: Role of Notochord, 2009.

Masters student António Temudo (FCUL, masters student); Currently at the IMM
Rita Amândio (FCUL, masters student); 
ThesisMorphodynamics of somite epithelialisation in chick embryos, 2008.